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We provide evidence-based tips, tricks and hacks to both nurses and nursing students on healthy lifestyle modifications, effective study tips, organizing strategies and so much more


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We provide evidence- based revision courses and blogs for nursing students


The Nurses' Lifestyle ReDesigned team provides a supportive platform for nursing students. We answer or refer all nursing related questions

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Lifestyle redesigned empowers nurses and nursing students to take care of their physical, mental, spiritual and social health. From a healthy diet, sleep hygiene, stress management to study habits, organizing, and so much more. We also provide nursing students with study guides and reviews. Plan, Design and Conquer!

Meet the Nurses' Lifestyle ReDesigned Team

The Nurses' Lifestyle ReDesigned team is comprised of registered nurses, a medical researcher, business strategist and a nursing student. Our team is made up of four siblings and a registered nurse. We are a family and we welcome all nurses and nursing students into the Nurses' Lifestyle ReDesigned family.

Fiskvik Antwi, RN


A dedicated Registered Nurse in Trinidad and Tobago, pursuing a Masters in Nursing at the Adventist University of the Philippines. Her assiduity of the nursing profession has inspired her to venture into the world of research, solving problems under the theme: Think, Read and Write (2019).

Simon Osei, RN

Simon Osei, RN

Graphic Designer

A registered nurse in Ghana, pursuing a masters in nursing in the Adventist University of the Philippines. He was previously working for five years as a registered nurse. He has a passion in research.

Rachel Antwi, Student Nurse

Rachel Antwi, Student Nurse

Communication Strategist

Rachel Antwi was born in Indonesia and lives in Trinidad and Tobago. She is currently pursuing her BSN in the University of the Southern Caribbean. She has a passion in helping nursing students get through nursing school.

Milton Antwi Bsc Biomedicine, Msc Biomedicine

Milton Antwi Bsc Biomedicine, Msc Biomedicine


Milton Antwi was born in Philippines and currently lives in Norway. He attained his Bachelor's degree in the University of the Southern Caribbean in Bio-medicine. He currently has a Master's in Bio-medicine and is a researcher.

Patience Antwi-Yamoah, BSBM,MSBM

Patience Antwi-Yamoah, BSBM,MSBM

Business Strategist

Patience Antwi-Yamoah is a lecturer in Valley View University, Ghana. She obtained her Masters in Business Management from the Adventist University of the Philippines. Currently, she is pursuing he PhD in Business Management.


Productive Morning: 8 Tips For Students

Numerous studies have shown that sleep does affect quality of life and functioning. However, there is an accelerating crisis of sleep deprivation year after year, and you might even be a statistic of this data. Although the healthcare professionals teach from a “perfect book”, we live in an “imperfect world.” However, this does not give you or me the excuse to just live life with days of sleepless nights.

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