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    Best Study Techniques

    “I can’t remember what I read!” “Anytime I take a test, my mind goes blank!” “Why am I failing this course?” We all forget important things, students and non-students alike. This occurs when information is not transferred into the long-term memory (Østby & Østby, 2018). Have you noticed that there are certain things that you do not forget? Today, I am going to give you five best study techniques. UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT Tip No. 1: You cannot remember it, if you do not understand it! It is important to make connections and make relations to new information. For example, before reading the signs and symptoms of a disease, it is…

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    Better Notes, Better Grades

    You sat in class for two hours listening to the teacher deliver the lesson through a PowerPoint presentation. Perhaps, you attempted to follow along by jotting down some important keywords (or you just tried to absorb as much as possible and hope for the best). Remember, note taking is not about your handwriting. If your notes are unorganized and messy, you are not going to get much use out of them. Better notes, better grades. Several studies have shown that effective note taking increases retention of subject matter and test performance. A study conducted by Carrell (2007) showed that students had ineffective note taking strategies. Moreover, there is a significant…

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    Design Your Study Environment

    Design Your Study Environment Hey guys! This blog post is in collaboration with an amazing youtuber, Melissa Edwards. Melissa Edwards is a Registered Nurse and provides informative content on both nursing and lifestyle, to help new nurses and nursing students build clinical knowledge and skills. Her YouTube channel is both educational and entertaining, giving viewers a glimpse into the life of a Registered Nurse. Melissa has a passion for helping her fellow nurses and soon-to-be nurses, along with sharing her personal journey through the struggles of becoming a nursing. Check out her channel as she goes through a “HOW TO…” series for nursing students and nurses. You would learn a…

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    How To Study: Your Learning Style

    This is the first blog of the series: How to Study. This is a five-part series to go in-depth about the best study practices for your success. This mainly focuses on nursing students; however, all students are welcomed! At the end of this series, there would be a GIVEAWAY, so stay tuned and subscribe. This blog would begin with “How to Study: Your Learning Style.” The 5-part series topics would be: How to Study: Your Learning Style How to Study: Tips to Design Your Study Environment How to Study: Best Note Taking Habits How to Study: Memorization Strategies How to Study: Cramming Effects LET’S GET STARTED! How to Study: Your…

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    How To Prepare For Nursing School

    Congratulations! You got accepted into nursing school and we are all proud of you! You have probably told your friends, family and relatives. It is such an amazing feeling to start this journey towards the ultimate goal. To become a nurse, saving lives. After the celebration, you are now home, sitting on your bed and all of a sudden, your excitement goes away and the reality of starting nursing school hits. You have probably seen all the memes about nursing being the hardest degree and you have probably heard of the dreadful anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology and all the other nursing subjects. The question now is, “What should I do now?…

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    Nursing Students and Procrastination

    Did you know that nursing students experience higher levels of test anxiety as compared to other fields? Due to the high levels of test anxiety, nursing students uses avoidance as a coping mechanism. Yes, I am talking about procrastination. Nursing students and procrastination habits. There has been numerous studies that examined nursing students and procrastination. A study conducted by Custer (2018) examined the relationship between test anxiety and procrastination among nursing students. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between these two variables. Simply put, when test anxiety increases, nursing students increase their use of procrastination. This causes poor performance, poor test results even in nursing license exams…

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    Productive Morning: 8 Tips For Students

    Numerous studies have shown that sleep does affect quality of life and functioning. However, there is an accelerating crisis of sleep deprivation year after year, and you might even be a statistic of this data. Although the healthcare professionals teach from a “perfect book”, we live in an “imperfect world.” However, this does not give you or me the excuse to just live life with days of sleepless nights.