How To Prepare For Nursing School

Congratulations! You got accepted into nursing school and we are all proud of you! You have probably told your friends, family and relatives. It is such an amazing feeling to start this journey towards the ultimate goal. To become a nurse, saving lives.

After the celebration, you are now home, sitting on your bed and all of a sudden, your excitement goes away and the reality of starting nursing school hits. You have probably seen all the memes about nursing being the hardest degree and you have probably heard of the dreadful anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology and all the other nursing subjects. The question now is, “What should I do now? How to prepare for nursing school?

You are not alone. I remember a few months before nursing school, I would be talking to nurses, watching nursing related YouTube videos and getting all stressed up. It is always good to prepare towards change, but it is important to know what to prepare.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for nursing school which I wished I did.

1. Relax

You might be a little annoyed by this tip, but this was my biggest mistake. I got caught up stressing about teacher’s expectations of me, the workload etc. However, it is important to note: YOU ARE EXPECTED TO KNOW NOTHING. Relax! You are going into nursing school to learn. The nurses we see today started on a clean slate.

2. Know Your Learning Style

Understanding your learning style is very important. Not everyone are readers. Know what works best for you. Nursing demands you to know a little of everything, because you are the heart of the health care system. You deliver the care! You need to understand the doctor’s orders, medication, nutrition, and so much more. How can you remember all of that? Understand your learning style.

3. Find Motivation Through Others

You might have a friend or a family member who is a nurse. Find your inspiration through them. Listen to their stories and take the positivity out of it. If you do not have any family or friends, find your motivation through amazing Youtubers, blog post and Facebook nursing support groups.

4. Have Fun

Do the things that you want to do. It might be a mini vacation, spending time with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time, engaging in your favorite activities etc. Have some fun. Nursing school can take almost all of your time.

5. Learn Meal Prepping

You would need to learn how to meal prep in nursing school. This would help you to not waste time in the morning. Learn some easy and healthy recipes that you can do and prep your meal before the night prior.

6. Adjust Your Body

Gradually adjust your body to waking up early and sleeping early. A sudden change is unhealthy to the human body. Therefore, it is important to gradually practice these things before you officially start school.

7. Think Positive

Be positive. Four years would fly by pretty quickly so make every moment and memory count. Yes, there would be obstacles and failures in this journey, but what defines you is what you do after the failure.

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