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Productive Morning: 8 Tips For Students

So, just like any other person, you probably do not get eight hours of sleep. Either you came home late from work, your kids are not going to bed, you have homework, you’re on social media or your just cannot sleep. Apart from a medical condition, whatever your situation you classify yourself in, you have probably heard the phrase “early birds catch the worm.” So, you rely on coffee and survive yet another day hoping you can sleep early tonight.

But is it really true? The early bird catches the best worm? Or is it the bird who knows where, what and how to catch gets the best worm?

Now, research however shows that lack of sleep can affect productivity. Let’s go through some statistical data, shall we?

According to CDC, 35% of adults don’t get 7 hours of sleep per day. Twenty percent of teenagers gets 5 hours or less of sleep. Fourty percent of individuals aged 40 to 59 gets less than recommended sleep quantity. A study conducted by Rosekind et al., (2010) showed that there was a significant relationship between lack of sleep and decreased employee productivity, performance and safety.

Numerous studies have shown that sleep does affect quality of life and functioning. However, there is an accelerating crisis of sleep deprivation year after year, and you might even be a statistic of this data.

So now the question to be asked, “What should I do?” Obviously, you cannot quit your job or school. Although the healthcare professionals teach from a “perfect book”, we live in an “imperfect world.” However, this does not give you or me the excuse to just live life with days of sleepless nights.

So, here are some tips, hacks and tricks to redesign a productive day even if you lack some sleep.

1. Get Some Sleep!

You know your schedule and what you do every day. Plan a realistic schedule for yourself of your sleeping time and do not plan anything else at that time (except with a few occasions of unforeseen circumstances).

2. Set the Mood!

Set the mood of a good night sleep. Pamper yourself before bedtime with a nice warm bath, maybe a face mask, wear something cozy and fun. Be creative. Set the atmosphere in your room to be nice comfortable as you are ready to sleep.

3. Plan for the next day.

Take 30 minutes of your night to plan for the next day prior to going to bed. As I said, productivity is not how early you wake up, but how you plan your day to meet your goals. A good practice is to get a planner to stay organized.

4. Eat Light

Do not go to bed after you have eaten like a king. Some of us are guilty of having late night dinners. But here is a trick. Eat your dinner early and have a fruit later when you’re a bit hungry.

5. Say Goodnight to Social Media

Although late night texting with family and friends can be so addicting, try to set a time when you tell social media goodnight. This can be so difficult to do at first, but with practice you can.

6. Reward Yourself

When your wakeup in the morning, try to find something else to do other than looking into social media. Let your phone be your reward after accomplishing some morning task. Practicing this can help you start your morning more productively, even if you only got 5 hours of sleep.

7. Feel the Morning Sunlight

A little sunlight on your beautiful skin would make you feel refreshed and awake. Your mind decreases your melatonin production when there is light which is usually triggered by darkness to make your sleepy.

8. Be Consistent

Consistency is key. Yes, we are all guilty of not always following what we plan. However, the mind is powerful. So, don’t make this a dreadful task. Make it fun and reward yourself.

And so, get up and get ready to tackle yet another day because your SLEEP has been RE-DESIGNED!

My name is Fiskvik Boahemaa Antwi. I am a registered nurse in Trinidad and Tobago and currently pursuing my masters degree in Nursing. I attended the University of the Southern Caribbean for my bachelor's degree.

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