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Although we are in the middle of the year let me just do an evaluation on how good I have kept my “new year’s resolutions,” shall we?

Yes, you are right! It is not even Christmas yet and I pretty much broke every single promise I made to myself.

Well here are a few of my famous excuses: I am too busy, I am too tired, I am stressed out, and I am a chronic procrastinator.

Well life is not going to get any easier I guess, so what can I do to be better next year?

Remember the time you re-designed your room? You probably went shopping with your sister or friends, picked out a new color, pinned so many pictures on Pinterest and started working on it. How was that feeling after you finished? You probably felt like boss for a couple of days.

From fashion design to interior design, but how about a lifestyle design? Yes, I said it, lifestyle!

Now I know you probably already know what I am going to talk about. Dieting, exercise, drink eight glasses of water and all the other things you have heard. But how about if I tell you that there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just the physical aspect!

Yes, health incorporates physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing. Although the physical is important, it pretty much goes beyond that.

Redesigning can be long and dreadful, but it can be fun too. Similar to redesigning your room, It can take a long process of planning but yet you can enjoy the process and definitely the outcome.

With this, I welcome you to my new blogging series of Nurses’ Lifestyle-Re-Designed. My name is Fiskvik Antwi and I am a registered nurse. Follow me as we take a journey with rulers and pencils, crayons and paint, and lets ReDesign a new Lifestyle!

My name is Fiskvik Boahemaa Antwi. I am a registered nurse in Trinidad and Tobago and currently pursuing my masters degree in Nursing. I attended the University of the Southern Caribbean for my bachelor's degree.

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